About us

Welcome to Photography Prose, your dedicated hub for all things related to the fascinating world of photography. We believe that photography, much like writing, tells compelling stories, captures timeless moments, and expresses emotions and perspectives in a way that words alone sometimes cannot. Hence the name, Photography Prose.


Photography Prose was founded by Akintunde, a passionate photographer and writer who felt the need for a platform that educates, inspires, and engages individuals who share his passion for photography. Over the years, Akintunde’s humble idea has transformed into a fully-fledged blog that caters to both beginners exploring the basics and experienced professionals seeking fresh insights.

Here at Photography Prose, our mission is to create and share in-depth, insightful, and accessible content about various facets of photography. This includes equipment insights, photography techniques, genre-specific tips, post-processing guides, project ideas, and essential business strategies for budding photography entrepreneurs. All this without the need for visual aids, making our content unique and challenging the traditional norms of discussing a predominantly visual art form.

Our team consists of a diverse group of skilled writers and photographers, each bringing their unique perspective and depth of knowledge to our content. We aim to foster a community that encourages dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas and experiences in the field of photography.

Whether you’re just starting your photography journey, seeking to improve your skills, or simply have a love for the art, Photography Prose is here to guide, inspire, and engage with you. We hope our passion for photography resonates through our words, offering you a unique perspective into this beautiful art form.

Thank you for visiting Photography Prose, and we look forward to embarking on this photographic journey with you.

Sincerely, The Photography Prose Team.

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